Diversity, Equity & Inclusion have become indispensable concepts in modern organizations today. This issue deserves in-depth attention, especially when the goal is successful implementation. It is often a challenging task, as developing a robust DEI policy inevitably entails change. It means breaking old habits and rethinking established norms. Ellen serves as an inspiring example to others, drawing from her personal experiences and her business insights in this area.

Ellen is wholeheartedly dedicated to guiding organizations in the realm of DEI, both as a leadership coach and through inspirational lectures. While there is thankfully increasing awareness of this crucial theme, full acceptance and integration can still be a challenge. Ellen emphasizes the importance of awareness and education in this domain. After all, it is not only about the well-being of employees but also about enhancing business performance. Ellen herself has experienced that happy individuals perform better.

With her unique blend of candidness and directness, she manages to connect with her audience, ultimately aiming to build bridges within society and companies.