In “Finally Ellen,” Ellen Jansen shares her poignant life story. Born in a male body, she grew up to be a popular teenager and a determined entrepreneur. To the outside world, it seemed like Ellen had it all. However, deep down, she was profoundly unhappy. Out of sheer fear of the reactions from her environment, both in her professional and personal life, she stubbornly suppressed her true identity for years. This led to a severe depression with physical ailments and even suicidal tendencies. At her lowest point, she ultimately chose a liberating transition. As a result, she became “Finally Ellen,” the radiant and content (business)woman she is today.

Ellen has found success with her company, Cheappower4U, in the field of energy transitions in the housing sector. As a coach and speaker, she also assists individuals, teams, and organizations in achieving desired transformations. Furthermore, Ellen serves as an ambassador for initiatives striving for an inclusive society.

The English version will be available in Q2 2024.